[Discussion of using progesterone-only birth control to stop/limit the menstrual cycle]


I’m having piss-all luck in finding information (I didn’t expect there to be much, granted) so I’m putting out a plea for some.

Does anyone have any information or experiences or even just a knowledgeable opinion on coming off of testosterone and onto a progesterone-only form of birth control? I’m not the most educated on hormones and the way things work, mind, so my theory of shut-down ovaries from two years of t + progesterone only pill might keep the periods at bay is possibly woefully inaccurate.

Would love some info or even just a “no, you’re being daft”.

If you mean Depo-Provera or similar as a ‘Progesterone-only form of birth control’, be very wary of this, it’s known to cause side effects that may be extremely undesirable for those wishing to minimise female secondary sexual characteristics (breast growth, loss of androgynous fat distribution, loss of muscle definition, facial changes etc) as well as possible side effects like constant spotting or low level flow throughout the month.

I personally have three friends who took Depo-Provera to prevent periods and ended up considerably more dysphoric as a result of the side effects (admittedly all were pre-T or not planning to take T, not coming off T).

Here’s CN Lester talking about their Depo-Provera experiences

I have no specific knowledge of lower dose pill-based forms of progesterone-only birth control, but it seems likely that side effects may be similar. Does anyone have direct experience?

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